Had A Flood? Time To Bring In A Water Restoration Company

Had A Flood? Time To Bring In A Water Restoration Company

2 September 2021
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If you recently experienced a flood in your home, you likely need to contact a water restoration company. Below are some signs that you can do, as well as how the company will remove the water from your home. 

Signs You Need To Hire A Water Restoration Company

One of the main signs that you need to call a water restoration company is mold. Mold can quickly grow anywhere there is water. Mold will leave a musty smell in a room, and some mold can be dangerous. This is because you can easily breathe in mold spores, and this can affect your respiratory system. You may have mold in your carpeting, on the walls, and even on your ceiling. 

Another sign is cracking or bubbling paint. If you see this on any of your walls, then there is likely a leak behind the wall. If you have wallpaper or paint, you will notice it will start to have bubbles and the paint will start to crack if the damage does not get taken care of. Your walls can end up getting destroyed, including the drywall. 

Look at the flooring. If there is a lot of water, the floors will start to warp if you have wood or laminate flooring. If you have grouted tiles, the tiles will start to loosen and shift which means the subfloor is likely water damaged. If you have standing water, you will find it difficult to take care of on your own. 

How Water Damage Restoration Works

The company that you hire will do a complete inspection to determine where there is water damage. They will use a special vacuum to suck the water from the floor. They will remove all water-damaged furniture and other items. Walls will be inspected, and if there is a lot of water damage, the walls will have to be removed and replaced.

The restoration company will set up large fans to dry everything out. These fans may have to run for a few days if there is a lot of moisture. A humidifier will also be set up and ran on a continuous basis to help prevent mold from growing. 

When everything is dry, the restoration company will walk through your home and sanitize everything, just in case there is any type of bacteria growing. Your home will also be deodorized as there will be odors due to the water damage. 

Ask the restoration company to write down what they found damaged so you can turn this over to your insurance company. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a water damage restoration service.

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