A Roof Coating Could Restore Your Old Commercial Roofing So You Don't Have To Replace It

A Roof Coating Could Restore Your Old Commercial Roofing So You Don't Have To Replace It

8 August 2022
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If the roof on your commercial building is getting old, you might be trying to budget for a new roof. You should talk to a commercial roofing contractor first about getting a roof coating. A common coating is made from silicone, but other materials are available. Here's why a roof coating might be a good option so you can postpone getting a roof replacement.

A Coating Has A Significantly Lower Cost

If you're having a hard time budgeting for a new roof, then you'll be happy to know you can save quite a bit of money by getting a coating put on instead. Your roofer has to make sure the roof doesn't have too much water damage, and this can be done with an infrared camera.

The water damage that's found has to be repaired, and that adds to the cost. That's why you should make your decision to get a new coating before your roof is completely worn out and leaking.

If only a few water damage repairs are needed, the coating will cost less than if the roofer has to repair several wet areas. Plus, a coating is rolled or sprayed on, so installation is fast and easy. This keeps installation and labor costs low too.

A Coating Can Be More Energy Efficient

Even though a coating is thin, it can still be energy-efficient and help lower your cooling bills in the summer. That's because the white coating reflects the sun's rays. If you have a dark roof color now, switching to white could make a difference in how well your building stays cool in the summer.

A Coating Can Be Applied Again In Several Years

Since a coating is a thin material and not considered roofing, you can have it applied again in the future if your roof still doesn't have much water damage. A coating can last for many years, and after that, you might want to replace your roof, but if you want another coating, the commercial roofing contractor can check the roof for moisture again and then put on a new coating if your roof qualifies.

There's no worry about multiple coatings like there is with multiple layers of roofing. You won't violate building codes by having more than one roof coating on top of your old roof.

A roof coating could be the solution for helping you postpone spending money on a new roofing installation. A commercial roofing contractor can explain the advantages and downsides of getting a coating, let you know how long it should last, and calculate the savings you'll enjoy compared to getting a new roof. You might decide an attractive white coating is a good way to restore your old roof and give it a longer life.

For additional reading, reach out to a local contractor.

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