3 Points To Discuss With Your Carpet Cleaner

3 Points To Discuss With Your Carpet Cleaner

25 April 2023
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Professional carpet cleaning is an important way to care for the carpet in your home. You may need it done once a year or more. Be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions for how often to get your carpet cleaned, as this could be a condition of your warranty.

Even if carpet cleaning isn't required by your warranty, it's still a good idea to clean your carpet regularly to keep it bright and fresh-smelling. Here are some important points to discuss with your carpet cleaner about having the work done.

1. Getting The Carpet Dry 

Carpet cleaners use commercial equipment that has strong water extraction capabilities. They can extract so much water that your carpet will be nearly dry when they're finished. However, the carpet will still need to dry for a few more hours.

It's important to follow the instructions the carpet cleaner gives you so the carpet dries thoroughly before mildew sets in. You don't want to put an area rug or runner on the carpet until the carpet is completely dry or mold may grow. The carpet cleaner may advise you to set out fans and open windows to provide as much ventilation as possible so the carpet fibers dry fast.

2. Walking On The Carpet

Be sure to ask how soon you can walk on the carpet when the carpet cleaner is finished. They may advise you to stay off the carpet for several hours so you don't smash the damp fibers. As soon as the carpet is fully dry, you'll be able to walk on it again.

However, you might need to leave the furniture off for a full day depending on what your carpet cleaner recommends. It's best to follow the professional's instructions so you get the best results.

3. Using Cleaning Products

Talk to your carpet cleaner ahead of time if scents bother you. Cleaning products may be used on the carpet to lift stains and odors, so your carpet should have a fresh, clean scent when the work is done. If you have allergies, discuss the products used with the cleaning company to see if they can use alternate products if necessary that won't trigger your allergy symptoms.

The company may already use allergy-friendly cleaning methods, and that can give you peace of mind when you know that upfront. Steam cleaning doesn't usually involve irritating chemicals, so it's not only easy on your allergies, it can help your allergies too by eliminating dust and a number of allergens hiding in your carpet.

To find out more, contact local carpet cleaners today. 

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