Commercial Water Damage Restoration — Safety Measures To Always Remember

Commercial Water Damage Restoration — Safety Measures To Always Remember

6 June 2023
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Restoration is necessary if a commercial property you own suffers severe water damage from a flood. Safety must be a top priority throughout said restoration. You'll succeed if you take the following safety protocols to heart.

Shut Off Major Electrical Systems

Electrical shock is the number one thing to watch out for after water from a flood damages your commercial property. Minor shocks will hurt and severe shocks could take your life. Thus, make it a priority to shut down electrical systems.

The best thing you can do is find the main breaker and flip it off. Your entire building should then lose power, which is crucial while you assess water damage and remove standing water that's now in your building. Once your property is completely dry, you can turn the power back on and resume the restoration process.

Wear a Dependable Respirator Mask

While you go from room to room to see how a flood damaged your commercial property, remember that mold may have formed. Even if you can't see it, spores could float around and expose you to hazardous conditions. You won't be vulnerable to harmful mold exposure if you wear a dependable respiratory mask. 

In addition to covering your eyes and mouth completely, it can filter the air you breathe in. So even if mold spores are in your commercial building, you can still walk around without exposing yourself. Just try to find a respiratory mask designed explicitly for mold and has extensive safety testing results that verify its effectiveness.

Leave Asbestos up to Professionals

If your property has asbestos, a flood could disturb it and thus create safety hazards. You would have to repair structures affected by water all while worrying about your health.

Unlike mold, though, asbestos is something to leave up to the professionals. It may be hard to find and treat safely after all. Professional remediation contractors will find all traces of asbestos and remove them according to the proper regulations. They'll test your commercial property, too, to show that asbestos exposure is no longer an issue you have to face throughout restoration.

Commercial water damage restoration can be a pretty big project, but if you spend time planning how to complete it safely, you won't have to worry as much. You can take many safety hazards out of the equation regardless of the areas you try to restore back to their original condition before the flood.

For more info about commercial water damage restoration, contact a local company. 

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