Water Damage Repairs Your Home Needs When Roof Leaks Grow Into Bigger Problems

Water Damage Repairs Your Home Needs When Roof Leaks Grow Into Bigger Problems

25 June 2021
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Roofing is the barrier that protects your home from the outside weather, and it can also be where serious problems with damage start. Even if you try to have problems repaired when you see them, issues like leaks and rot can go unrepaired. This can lead to serious problems with severe water damage. Issues that start at your roof include:

Eaves Rotting and Affecting Walls

Problems with your eaves may seem like minor issues, but they will eventually cause damage to exterior walls. This happens due to issues with weathering and wears at the eaves of the roof. When the wear turns into leaks, they can be serious problems with water that gets into the walls. The water damage at exterior walls is usually severe by the time you notice the problem.

Rot That Starts Due to Poor Ventilation

Ventilation in your attic can also be the start of moisture and water damage issues. This happens due to moisture and humidity being trapped beneath the roof. The moisture from humidity can lead to dry rot problems, which can cause leaks and more serious problems with water damage. Make sure your roof has good ventilation, and occasionally inspect the attic for signs of water damage to have problems repaired before they grow into something more serious. If there is extensive rot and leaks causing water damage, you should contact a professional water damage repair service for help dealing with the problem.

Water Damage Starting Around Chimneys

Fireplaces are often the source of a lot of water damage inside of homes. This usually happens where the chimney and the roof meet. If your chimney has poor flashing and a doghouse roof behind it that does not extend past the sidewalls, it can leak. These problems often become more noticeable when the roofing and flashing start to wear. The leaks will start, and water will get into your home around the wall where the fireplace is located. If there is water around your fireplace, the water damage needs to be repaired before it begins to spread.

Covered Porches and Entryways with Water Damage

Problems with water damage at roof coverings are similar to the problems with the eaves. These coverings are often forgotten about when inspecting for water damage, but these issues can cause severe structural damage and water to get into the walls. You can catch these problems by looking for signs of water like watermarks and woodwork that is deformed and damaged.

Water damage on your roof can leave your home vulnerable to severe damage. Contact a local service to conduct water damage repair before it causes more severe structural problems.

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