Why You Need 24/7 Water Damage Restoration After Storm Damage

Why You Need 24/7 Water Damage Restoration After Storm Damage

25 June 2021
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Has your house suffered water damage from a storm or a burst pipe? You need to look at water restoration as an emergency task after any kind of water inundation. Emptying the water is not enough. You may think the danger is gone, but the damage shows itself after a few weeks when you notice extensive mold infestation and people getting ill. You need to call 24/7 water damage restoration services ASAP for urgent reasons.

Stop Further Damage 

When water inundation happens, water continues steeping and soaking into any porous space or object until it is saturated. For example, if water is resting on the floorboards, it will try getting through the wood grains until the boards are soaked. The same happens to the upholstery and furniture.

You need to empty resting water ASAP before starting the restoration process. An emergency water damage restoration service comes prepared with water pumps to remove the water and stop further water intrusion. 

Mold and Vermin Remediation 

Mold infestation is quick on wet surfaces, especially in warm and humid weather. It can cover a large section of the water-damaged surfaces in a few days. These microorganisms pose a serious risk to your family members because it brings about respiratory problems. 

If, unfortunately, sewage flows into your house, you will also risk disease-causing bacteria in the house. These bacteria and viruses can linger on water-damaged surfaces long after they are dry. 

Emergency water intrusion restoration involves drying and cleaning all surfaces thoroughly. They clean using antibacterial and antifungal products to kill and prevent the spread of these dangerous microorganisms. 

Total Damage Assessment 

It is important to account for the damage. This account is very handy when you are lodging an insurance claim. The water damage restoration service becomes very useful in this process. They can assess the damage and estimate the cost. They have also dealt with insurance assessors before, so they can give useful advice to make your claim successful. 

Professional Restoration

Attempting water damage restoration on your own could lead to overlooking important things like water intrusion in pipes, vents, and other ignored places. This oversight causes trouble later as these places become breeding grounds for mold and other vermin. 

You need a 24/7 water damage restoration service to look at what needs to be done immediately, tomorrow, and until the restoration is complete. They have the experience to know different water restoration mistakes that can happen and how to prevent them.

Are you afraid of high damage costs after water intrusion? Call a 24/7 water damage restoration service to get your home back to habitable shape. 

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