Countertop Restorations To Complete Kitchen Renovations And Preserve Existing Solid Surfaces

Countertop Restorations To Complete Kitchen Renovations And Preserve Existing Solid Surfaces

28 June 2021
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The solid surfaces that are in your kitchen may need some work when doing renovations. Today, the countertops in your home can be restored using various repair methods and new finishes. The following countertop restoration information will help you finish your kitchen renovations:

Cracked Countertop Surfaces

The modern solid surfaces that are used for kitchen designs are vulnerable to issues like cracks. This is the worst damage that you may need to have repaired when restoring countertops. Therefore, your countertops may need additional improvements after the cracks are bonded back together. The areas where the countertops are cracked may be vulnerable due to issues like large slabs or weak areas. You may want to add extra support to these areas when doing renovations to your kitchen to prevent the countertops from cracking again.

Filling Chips in the Surface of Countertops

Surfaces of countertops can also be chipped. This is one of the common repairs that need to be done when restoring surfaces like granite and concrete. This is because the weaker area of the stone can chip out of the surface. Chips are repaired using a specially formulated bonding agent used as a filler to replace the chipped area of the countertop. Once the chipped areas have been filled and refinished, the countertop will look like there was never any damage.

Repairing Scratches and Blemishes on Countertops

In addition to the chips that need to be repaired on countertop surfaces, there may also be issues with scratches and blemishes. Sometimes, these problems are serious damage to the surface of stone materials that need to be filled before the countertops can be refinished. A countertop repair service can use specially formulated fillers that make the scratches and blemishes disappear. These repairs are done with fillers that match the color tones of stone countertop surfaces.

Polishing and Refinishing the Countertop Surfaces

After the repairs have been done, the surface of the countertops needs to be polished. This is the final finish that needs to be done when restoring the surfaces in your kitchen. Today, there are several options to refinish the countertop surfaces, which include honed, polished, and leathered finishes. These are options that you have to complete countertop repairs with a new finish for the solid surfaces.

The countertops in your home are going to need repairs when doing kitchen renovations if you don't want to replace them. Contact a countertop repair service for help with repairing and refinishing the surfaces in your kitchen.

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