Commercial Construction With Lightweight Designs That Lower Costs And Improve Efficiency

Commercial Construction With Lightweight Designs That Lower Costs And Improve Efficiency

6 July 2021
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Today, there are many options for commercial construction, including lightweight alternatives to traditional steel and concrete designs. Small, lightweight commercial construction designs provide many advantages when it comes to the costs and efficiency of smaller buildings. The following commercial construction guide will help you with your lightweight and efficient project.

Skeleton Frames for Commercial Construction

The skeleton of a commercial building is the raw frame, which is often made of steel material. Today, there are several options for commercial construction skeletons that can reduce costs. These designs can include materials like steel trusses, engineered lumber, and traditional balloon frame construction. You want to choose the best combination of materials for your project's design in order to keep the weight down.

Veneers With Insulating R-Value

Today, the siding that finishes the exterior of a new commercial construction project is also important. There are options like brick and masonry, which can be costly, heavy, and inefficient. Therefore, you might want to consider using modern veneers to finish the exterior of buildings. These materials can have integrated insulation backing and come in a variety of styles. This will give you more choices for the finished look of a commercial building using lightweight and efficient materials.

Roofs With Rubber-Like Membranes

Another major advancement in the design of commercial buildings is lighter roofing materials. Also, the initial investment in commercial roofing membranes is a lot less than traditional asphalt roofing materials. Today, these are combined with light-colored and reflective surfaces to create roofs that are specially designed to reduce heat gain. There are also other benefits to using commercial roof membranes, such as their longevity and easy maintenance. These materials can easily be cleaned and patched whenever there is damage that needs to be repaired.

Windows and Insulation To Reduce Thermal Transfer

The windows that you install in a commercial building are also important. They should be efficient and automated to help improve the insulating value of the new building. You might also want to invest in lightweight spray foam insulation, which provides a thermal barrier to prevent heat transfer while improving the structural integrity of the building. There are even options to install spray foam roofs that provide durability and efficiency to the design of your new commercial building.

The lightweight designs require fewer materials and can be much more efficient with solutions like cool roof systems. Contact a commercial construction service to start planning a lightweight and efficient design for your project.

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