Water Damage In The Attic: Why Repair Is Necessary

Water Damage In The Attic: Why Repair Is Necessary

6 July 2021
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Water damage restoration isn't limited to an extreme flooding incidence like a flooded basement. Water damage repair can and should be done on the unseen or non-visited areas of the home as well, such as the crawlspace or the attic.

Water damage in the attic should be repaired and taken care of professionally as soon as it's noticed. Failure to do so can cause more damage that is both extensive and costly to repair. Pay close attention to your attic and have a water damage restoration company come to your home if you smell a musty odor coming from your attic, have recently had roof leaking issues addressed, or if you see water stains in your ceilings or notice other signs of water damage in the upper levels of your home. Here are reasons why repairs are necessary.

Your attic's insulation can be damaged

Your attic should be insulated so it can keep the home's interior temperatures at proper levels, and if the insulation is damaged in any way, it can become musty, harbor bacteria or mold, or lose its ability to regulate your home's temperatures at all. Water damage restoration companies will remove insulation that is too water-damaged to be saved and will restore what they can to keep your attic well-insulated and reduce the costs of replacing insulation overall.

Your attic's foundation can be compromised

If your attic's water damage is not controlled, then the entire foundation and structural components of the attic can be compromised as a whole. Any swelling wood or other issues with your attic can lead to a sagging ceiling structure underneath or can cause mold and mildew to spread into your roof or the interior of your home in other areas. Part of the work a water damage repair specialist does is to remove or reinforce the damaged wood components of your attic so it can be sound again and free of future damage.

Your attic's condition can continue to decline

Unless you have thoroughly identified what is causing your attic to have water damage and have repaired the damage to where there is no more moisture, then your attic will just continue to decline. Simply opening a window or putting a fan in the attic in the hopes of drying out the space is not enough, you need professional water damage repair done on the structure to keep its sound structural appeal and keep water damage from spreading. Your water damage restoration specialist will work with a roofing contractor or other professionals to help restore your attic to its best condition.

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