No Hot Water? It Could Be One Of These Four Issues

No Hot Water? It Could Be One Of These Four Issues

20 September 2021
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Do you have an issue with your business not having any hot water but are not sure why it's happening? If so, it could be due to one of these four reasons.

Tripped Combustion Shut-Off

It's possible that your water heater has a combustion safety device that is designed to shut down the entire hot water heater if the burner chamber becomes too hot. It essentially cuts off the intake air going into the burner chamber, which doesn't allow the pilot to light and shuts down the burner. If this combustion shut-off is tripped, you'll need to have the part replaced since it is a physical mechanism that prevents the hot water heater from turning back on. Not all water heaters have this type of shut-off, but it's something that you may have to deal with.

Blown Out Pilot Light

A simple problem that can happen with a hot water heater is a pilot light that has simply turned off. This applies to hot water heaters that have a standing pilot light in the water heater, which is a small flame that is on all the time. Thankfully, you can try relighting the pilot light and see if that fixes it. Just make sure that you see the water heater turn on and off a few times and that the pilot light stays lit, or else you may have a bigger problem with the pilot light that needs to be repaired. 

Bad Igniter

Newer hot water heaters do not have a standing pilot light since they have an igniter instead. It's a part that glows red and lights the burner, so it should be easy to identify. It stays on for a little bit, lights the burner, and turns off. Unfortunately, hot surface igniters do fail over time, and the flame sensor will shut down the water heater when it is not sensing a flame. If the igniter has gone bad, you'll have to replace it with a new one to get the hot water working again. 

Bad Heating Element

Any electric water heater is going to have two heating elements for the upper and lower half of the tank. It's possible that one or both of the heating elements have stopped working and need to be replaced. Putting in a new heating element requires draining the entire hot water tank so that the new heating element can be installed.

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