Water Damage: Why Do You Only Have Two Days To Repair It?

Water Damage: Why Do You Only Have Two Days To Repair It?

29 September 2021
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If you have experienced a severe plumbing leak, a roofing leak, or another type of leak in your home, you want to address the problem as soon as possible. In most cases, you only have one or two days to remove the water from your home. If you wait longer than two days to dry out your home, you could end up with mold growing all over your house. Learn why you only have a couple of days to remove the water from your home by reading below.

Why Do You Have Two Days to Take Action?

Water is one of life's more needed resources. Water hydrates your body, encourages your plants to grow, and even keeps your family clean. However, water can be dangerous if it leaks all over your home. The damage caused by a major water leak can be expensive and dangerous for your family and home. You only have 24 to 48 hours to dry out your home and restore it back to normal.

One of the most dangerous and expensive problems to occur in damp homes is mold growth. Along with mildew, mold is a member of the fungi family. Fungi tend to thrive in damp conditions, such as the wet ceiling, flooring, and furnishings in your home. You can't typically confine mold to one place in your home once the fungus grows. Mold can spread rapidly from one location to another within a couple of days.

What Happens When You Take Action Now?

After an emergency water damage repair company arrives at your home, the contractors will do the following things:

  • isolate the waterlogged rooms in your home from the rest of the house
  • inspect and document the waterlogged rooms in your home
  • create a restoration plan to repair the waterlogged rooms in your home

The steps above allow a company to dry out your home before the 24 to 48-hour safety window passes by. Contractors will generally use different types of restoration equipment to extract the water from your home, including large air dryers and fans. Contractors may even use water extractors as well.

After the damage repair company dries out your home, they'll take various steps to restore it. The restoration process may include removing damaged pieces of sheetrock from your walls and discolored planks of wood from your floors. A company can go into more details about the repairs after they complete the evaluation of your home.

If you need additional information on how to repair your home, contact an emergency water damage company, such as Disinfect-It, immediately.

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