How To Reface A Bathtub: Refinishes For More Affordable Bathroom Renovations

How To Reface A Bathtub: Refinishes For More Affordable Bathroom Renovations

12 November 2021
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The tub and shower are the heart of your bathroom and are typically one of the most used rooms in your house. When your tub needs a new finish, there are various options to refinish it and other surfaces in your bathroom. Depending on your budget, there are many techniques that can be used to resurface a bathtub. The following bathtub refinishing guide will give you all the information you need for the surfaces in your bathroom renovations.

Can Your Bathtub Be Refinished?

Refinishing a bathtub can be a tough decision. It can be more affordable than replacing it, but it can be hard to tell if the tub can be refinished without spending a lot of money. When a bathtub gets old, it can become ugly. Repairing the tub can be very expensive. If it has an enamel finish and the basic structure of the tub is in good condition, it can often be refinished.

If a bathtub can't be refinished, then you have other choices. You can replace it with a new model or have a remodeling contractor replace it with a shower. 

Coatings Used for Tub Refinishing

When you have your bathtub refinished, there are different coatings that can be used. You need to choose the right kind of finish. You may have two choices: a bathtub enamel or a bathtub acrylic. The bathtub enamel looks like paint and is easy to apply, and is very durable. The bathtub acrylic, on the other hand, is usually applied with a spray gun and is less durable.

Preparing Bathtub Surfaces for Refinishing

There are also some preparations to refinish your bathtub and give it a new finish. Before refinishing a bathtub, you'll need to clean and scrub the surface. This will help ensure a long-lasting finish. The most time-consuming part of refinishing a bathtub is surface preparation. If you can, remove fixtures from the tub so you can easily access the area.

Sand the bathtub surface to remove any dings, patches, or stains. Use fine-grade sandpaper, and then wipe the surface clean with a rag.

Next, apply a chemical stripper to a small area of the bathtub and wait about a half-hour. Use a scraper to remove the stripper. Rinse the bathtub thoroughly with clean water, and wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

Now, the bathtub will be ready to have a new coating applied.

Repairing Chips in Bathtub Finishes

Sometimes, bathtubs might have existing chips or other damage that needs to be repaired. New finishes can also be chipped and need to be repaired. A chip in bathtub finishes is a minor inconvenience but can be fixed.

Bathtub finishes contain resins and pigments, and chips can be repaired by filling with a matching acrylic, sanding down to a smooth surface, and recoating. Sanding is time-consuming, but it can be done by hand. You need a power sander for the sanding.

If your bathtub finish is discolored or has scratches, you can refinish it with either acrylic or two-part epoxy. Refinishing is less expensive than replacing. Replacing a bathtub can be expensive and takes time. If you don't need the bathroom right away, refinishing is the better option.

If your bathtub is worn and damaged, it might be a good idea to have it refinished. Contact a bathtub refinishing service to discuss the options to give your bathroom new surfaces.

For more information on bathtub refinishing, contact a contractor near you.

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