Emergency Water Damage Restoration That Slows Water Damage And Dries Your Home To Prevent Mold

Emergency Water Damage Restoration That Slows Water Damage And Dries Your Home To Prevent Mold

18 July 2022
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A water leak of any size could probably be considered an emergency since it doesn't take much water to cause problems when it spills on the floor or rolls behind walls. It's vital to stop the leak fast and then dry out the space or the water damage just keeps getting worse and is compounded by mold.

You might handle a small leak yourself as long as you get the floor and hidden places dry, but if the leak is very large, call in an emergency water damage restoration company. Here's how they can help.

They Get Things Organized

You may be overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done fast, but a water damage restoration company has experience with drying out homes, so they know exactly what to do. The crew can start removing water while the company goes over things you may need to do like decide if there is anything, such as old carpet, you want to throw out rather than restore.

They Bring Equipment

A variety of equipment is needed to dry out your home. The company might need to bring a water pump and wet vacs. Wet vacuum attachments that look like floor mats pull water out of flooring, floor dryers, fans, and dehumidifiers. They can bring as much equipment as needed to dry out all the rooms affected. They may even be able to run equipment off of generators if your power is out.

They Find Hidden Water

It's not always obvious when there is still water in your home when the water is hidden under carpet, beneath floors, behind walls, or under cabinets and appliances. The emergency water damage restoration company might use thermal imaging to find water that's still puddled in your house after removing all visible water.

A thermal camera can also find building materials that are holding excess moisture. It's important to find this kind of hidden water and dry it out, or you might have problems with mold later.

They Clean And Sanitize

If your water leak came from a burst pipe, the water may not have time to get stagnant and create a biohazard. However, if the water isn't dried out fast enough, the emergency water damage restoration company might need to sanitize the surfaces and some of the fabrics in your home. If the water came in from outside or from an overflowing toilet, then the water is toxic, and sanitizing will be a necessary part of the restoration.

After the emergency services are completed, the water damage restoration company may still have plenty of work to do replacing flooring, drywall, and other building materials so your home is returned to its original state.

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